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Strategy Development
At ASG Sports, we create winning marketing strategies and tactics. Our experiences in the development of programs include building comprehensive plans, in-depth analyses, market positioning, and forecasting global marketing trends.

Sponsorship Benefits package
The creation of the sponsorship benefits package is a process in which ASG Sports assists its clients every step of the way, giving you a platform to showcase your wares, keeping in mind the execution of this package may take on a variety of forms: retail promotions, media traffic, on-site event promotion, ticket sales, product launches, and merchandising. ASG can produce a customized sponsorship package that leverages every aspect of the affiliation.

Sponsorship Sales
ASG's sales experience on both sides of the negotiating table lends itself to researching, developing, negotiating, and executing and closing sponsorship opportunities. Through our network of relationships, ASG Sports will partner your company with the most appropriate sponsorship available.



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