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In the ever-changing world of electronic/digital technology, ASG Sports has taken advantage tomorrow's ideas and enabled solutions for today.

Database Collection and the dissemination of information via email blasts and direct email marketing enable ASG to keep immediate information flowing to potential event participants.

Online Registration
ASG and TLI Digital have partnered in technology that enables the participant to register for a particular event via a secure website. This process provides immediate, up-to-date information that has proven essential in keeping sporting event participants informed and enabling event sponsors to interact with their target audience.

Result Posting
The wait is over…..ASG's on-site programming interface allows the event organizer the ability to post up-to-date content immediately. Feature articles, Race results, point totals and other essential key points can now be updated in real time allowing the participant direct access to information.

Event Ticketing
Making tickets available to sporting and family events is the primary focus of, the backbone of ASG's on-line event ticketing system. Its user-friendly atmosphere gives the ability of the client to contact users directly and provide a value-added bonus in the form of discounted event tickets.



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